BNP explains its budget remarks after Muhith's hit-back

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The BNP has explained its remarks over describing the proposed budget as ‘reactionary’ after the finance minister lambasted the party.
“It’s a reactionary budget as it is not for the people,” senior BNP leader Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said.
During a post-budget media conference on Friday, Muhith used the word 'non-existent' to describe those who find his budget proposal 'reactionary'.
Rizvi shot back during a press briefing on Saturday saying that the budget has proposed to raise duty on farming equipment, cut interest rates for saving schemes as well as taxed bakery items. “Aren’t these against the people?”
The BNP senior joint secretary general said that Muhith’s ‘mindset is a reactionary one.’
“He was minister during Ershad’s military regime and now a minister of a government which came to power through a voter less election.”
Rizvi claimed that the budget proposed to raise taxes by 32 percent for those with an income of Tk 1 million while only 13 percent for those who earn Tk 4.75 million. “This is reactionary.”
The BNP leader accused of government coming up with ‘false’ statistics.
“He said that unemployment rate was at four percent. It’s strange when it’s five percent in developed countries like the US.
“Economists say that it’s between 22 and 24 percent. How can the finance minister say it’s four percent.”
Rizvi said that the BNP will come up with a complete analysis of the proposed budget ‘soon.’

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